In Imaging science, Image processing is processing of images using any mathematical form by using any form signal processing for which input is an image ,video or series of image such as photograph or video frame;  the output of image processing may be either an image or a set of characteristics or parameters related to the image. These parameters can be used to recognize particular feature of frame contained in image captured.In this research paper we researched on one of the application of image processing.

This project is a basic image processing project for the beginners in the field on Image processing. OpenCV Image processing library is used here. All the work is done on Ubuntu and the code is eddited on Gennob Edditor or for simplicity one can use Jenny edditor. While the arduino programing is done on Arduino IDE. For windows using Visual Studio Library one can access OpenCV library. The Rest of the code will remain Same.


Problem Statement

To construct a bot which can detect a  unicoloured ball and should be able to follow it.

Components required

  1. Arduino uno or arduino mega 2560
  2. Camera module/Camera
  3. Computer
  4. 2 DC motors
  5. 1 Servo motor
  6. Motor Driver
  7. Zig bee module (In case of wireless system)



Basic Block Diagram-

Screenshot (39).png



Process to Be followed:

  1. Capture of image : Series of Images or video is captured through camera which is mounted on board  of ball tracking  robot .In these captured images some peculiarity of interested object  with respect to its surroundings is  observed(as unicolored  ball in our case).


  1. Processing of image: Once particular feature of interested object is seen, it is processed for further application. As in our Ball tracking robot, we have used the peculiar feature of unicolored ball with respect to its surrounding to detect it in real time and output is generated.This image is processed in laptop/pc or any other processor such as Rasberry pi.


  1. Orders to actuators: Now with the output obtained from processing of image from laptop/pc is used to control the motor. Thus desired operation can be performed.



  • For spying purposes.
  • In traffic signal, to detect number plates of vehicles crossing.
  • Autonomous security system using face detection.
  • Used in robotics where it can act as eyes of human beings.
For Video Reffrence visit here


Here I am not uploading the source code of above project cuz I need you to think by yourself and try to explore by your own. Fell free to ask any questions.Find me on Facebook and drop a message.

If any one wants Source Code Please message me on FB.


Gaurav Charpe

Pranav Atram


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